Friday 31 March 2017

Vacancies in KVS – Seeking urgent intervention for filling up.

F. Vacancies/KEVINTSA/2015-16/                                    Date: 31.03.2017
The Commissioner                                                                  e-mail only
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan                                        SUBMISSION-2  
Head Quarter. New Delhi-16.
Sub.: Vacancies in KVS – Seeking urgent intervention for filling up.
Ref.: This office letter dated 23.09.2016 AND 09.11.2016.
          In continuation to this office letter date 23.09.2016 and further 09.11.2016 which has been left unreplied on the same subject and again to state that vacancies in KVS are the most crying issue of the day. Today when KVS in one hand is facing all its adversities in direct recruitment process the question of vacancies will persist. As per the data of KVS published on 16.08.2016 the existing vacancies in KVS for the non-teaching are as follows.

CLEAR VACANCIES ( as on 16.08.2016)

Assistant ( now ASO)

UDC  (now SSA)

LDC  (now JSA)


Steno Gr-I

Steno Gr-II

Hindi Translator

During the last JCM dated 27.05.2016, honourable Chairperson, JCM has directed KVS to complete the process of filling up of vacancies latest by November 2016.
The process of direct recruitment to the post of UDC, Assistant has already been completed for the year 2012-13 & 2013-14 on 10.09.2015, after, issue of appointment order. But the Reserve Panel has not yet been made operative. It has also been noted that the appointment process which has been initiated with for the vacancy year 2014-15 and 2015-16 – LDC got into the trap of Paper leakage. Similarly, the appointment process of UDC and Assistant has also been stopped for some reasons or other along with teaching posts. But since the appointment for the posts of teaching staff has been initiated but no reason for non-publishing of vacancies for NTS posts has been given.
Kind instruction may please be issued at the earliest with the request to put a stall on this long wait and test of the patience of the candidates already paid huge requisite fee to KVS without appearing for the examination even after 12 to 16 odd months.
Needless to mention that speedy action is to be initiated from KVS side to protect the fame of KVS which is at stake. At this crucial stage when the heaps of Accounts works are approaching near, it is requested to take decision on reemployment of retired Assistants, UDCs, LDCs to complete the Annual Accounts with ease. The matter has been already agreed after due deliberation in last JCM dated 20.02.2017.
KEVINTSA is waiting eagerly for a favourable decision from your kind self.
                                                                       Yours faithfully

                                                                   GENERAL SECRETARY
Copy for information and necessary further action to
1.   Jt Commissioner (Fin.), KVS HQ New Delhi.
2.   Jt Commissioner (Pers.), KVS HQ New Delhi.

3.   Jt Commissioner (Admn.), KVS HQ New Delhi.

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