Friday 19 May 2017

Silence of KVS on most of the grave issues – inaction – request to direct dealing hands for information.

F. VII-CPC/KEVINTSA/2017-18/                                               Date: 18.05.2017
The Commissioner                                                        e-mail only
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan                                     PRIORITY PLEASE
Headquarter. New Delhi.

Sub.: Silence of KVS on most of the grave issues – inaction – request to direct dealing hands for information.

          Most humbly I would like to draw a few lines which may sound bitter but synonyms of truth. It is sorry to state that since 20.02.2017 (last JCM) KEVINTSA have written 35 letters and this is another one in the series which has been left unattended by KVS with the same brave note. It is humbly submitted either to direct the dealing hands to reply quarries or permit us to initiate legal course on every petty issue which would rather be throbbing on both the part.
Communication is the glue that holds a project team together. Communication is not just talking. It is also listening. Without clear, timely, unambiguous communication, even a small team working together will have major problems. In the case of a virtual team, poor communication will render an already challenging situation nearly impossible to control. Without any communication on any issue equates miscommunication. The following important issues has been left without any communication from KVS
1.   Implementation of VIIth CPC.
2.   Issue of Promotion orders for Non-teaching staffs of KVS.
3.   Grant of Adhoc Bonus payable for the preceding financial year.
4.   Actions on JCM minutes for the JCM meeting dated 20.02.2017.
5.   Zonal distribution of KVs- objections lodged thereof.

Necessary directions may please be issued to the dealing desk officers so that they can send a brief updated status, so that, in turn the information can be forwarded to the employee concern. This is the basic ritual of RSA Rules 1993 (adopted by KVS w.e.f 1994). But the silence of every issue raised is highly objectionable and defying the cause of Joint Consultative Mechanism.
KEVINTSA is constrained to state here that if this status of silence from KVS side prevails, we would again have to open the chapter of peaceful protest, for which officers of KVS should be held responsible.

                                                                            Yours faithfully
                                                                            General Secretary
1.   Addl. Commissioner (Admn.) KVS HQ New Delhi.
2.   Addl. Commissioner (Acad), KVS HQ New Delhi.
3.   Jt. Commissioner (Pers.), KVS HQ New Delhi.
4.   Jt. Commissioner (Admn.), KVS HQ New Delhi

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